Monday, August 31, 2009


After today's "As Seen On TV" showcase loaded up, something gnawed at me that it was wrong; and a nap finally sorted out my post-vacation mind - "As Seen On TV" should feature historical figures as they're portrayed in Toobworld. Just because Commander McBragg was wearing cowboy duds that doesn't qualify him to be presented, even if August was a our month to salute the TV Western.

So to mollify the situation - probably only of concern to me! - here's Dodge City, Kansas, as seen in the Tooniverse in that same "Dodge City Dodge" cartoon; one last location for the TV Western salute.....

First up, the bank:
Then we have one of the town bars, of which I'm sure there were several:
This is the Cactus Cafeteria: And for a touch of the politically incorrect, here's a behind the scenes look in the kitchen: Here's a shot of the main street, as Commander McBragg faced off against all of the town's blackguards: And off in the distance, that's the water tower which proved instrumental in the Commander's cleaning up of Dodge: There. That should settle the score.....


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