Friday, May 1, 2009


I got an interesting e-mail from MediumRob, my blog-buddy from Britain (the link to "The Medium Is Not Enough" is to the left, dear reader!):

I think 'CSI: Miami' needs explaining in Toobworld. Although it's supposed to be set at the same time as 'CSI' and 'CSI: NY', the technology in it doesn't actually exist yet (the producers actually go to Microsoft's think tank for inspiration about what will be used in years to come). So I think you should see if there's a way some evil villain's special computing resources have ended up in use in the Miami PD but hasn't entered into usage in 'CSI' or 'CSI: NY'.

It was Rob who clued me in to the idea that Cylon technology (from the original 'Battlestar Galactica') has been incorporated into the original KITT on 'Knight Rider'. But I think in this case, it's just another example of the differences between Toobworld and the real world.

As I told Rob, Toobworld is far more advanced than the real world. Back in the early seventies, there as a secret CONTROL base on the Moon (as seen in 'Get Smart'). This was the site that suffered the nuclear waste dump explosion in one of the last moments of reality for 'Space: 1999'. (Most of the show took place in Commander Koenig's coma dream-world who survived the detonation - which was caused by some jerk using a laser cannon to write "7-Up" into the lunar surface.) And there have been androids living among the human population of Toobworld for the last forty-plus years. So I don't think there's any need to splain away the advanced technology on 'CSI: Miami'; it's just something that they have that the Miami PD would not.

As to why they have it and not their sister shows set in Las Vegas and New York City? For some reason, the Miami Police Department has a bigger budget. (They probably figure they need it, considering they have a serial killer preying on other serial killers at work in the area.....)

Toby O'B

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