Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Angela Lansbury on Bea Arthur:
"Bea Arthur and I first met when we did 'Mame' together in 1965. She became and has remained 'My Bosom Buddy' ever since. I am deeply saddened by her passing, but also relieved that she is released from the pain. I spoke to Matt, her son, yesterday and I was aware that her time was imminent. She was a rare and unique performer and a dear, dear friend."

Bea Arthur on Angela Lansbury:
"She was a class act and a real joy to work with. When I first met her I thought I was meeting this patrician, classically trained actor, but she has a mouth like a longshoreman. No kidding. She loved telling dirty limericks. She started in British music hall and taught me 'What Can You Get A Nudist For Her Birthday' and it's really saucy."

Many of Angela Lansbury's friends appeared on 'Murder, She Wrote' over the years, but never Bea Arthur. It could be that 'The Golden Girls' kept her too busy for her to ever get the chance. (And NBC may have put the kibosh on one of their stars making an appearance on a rival network, in much the same way CBS supposedly is keeping Kaley Cuoco from appearing on 'Grey's Anatomy'.)

But wouldn't it have been great to see them together on that long-running mystery series? And this being Toobworld, how could I resist suggesting that Bea Arthur appear in the series as Maude Findlay.

Perhaps she could have been suspected of Walter's death! Too many people over-heard her saying "God'll get you for that, Walter" and figured that she had to be the one to kill him.

And Jessica Fletcher just happened to be in Tuckahoe for a book signing and comes to the rescue....

Then again, I wouldn't want to have Bill Macy's character killed off in such a fashion. So why not invoke the "evil twin" cliche; have everyone think it was Walter who died, but instead it was somebody who looked like him. Then Maude, Walter, and - why not! - Carol - could all be suspects. (Although Jessica might remark that she once met someone who looked like Carol in a women's correctional facility....)

Just sayin', is all.....

Toby O'B

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