Thursday, December 4, 2008


December 4, 1872:
The crewless American ship Mary Celeste is found by the British brig Dei Gratia (the ship was abandoned for 9 days but was only slightly damaged).

From "The Doctor Who Chronology":

The Chase: Flight Through Eternity:
The 1st Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki land on the Mary Celeste while fleeing the Daleks. After they leave, the Daleks arrive, frightening all on board into abandoning ship.

From "The Doctor Who Reference Guide":

On board a sailing ship, the captain, Briggs, laments their situation to his first mate, Mr. Richardson. They are making poor time and are now becalmed off Santa Maria in the Azores. He leaves Richardson in charge and goes below.

The TARDIS materializes on board the ship. Barbara sees where they are on the scanner and gets very excited. She loves sailing ships and must go out for a quick look, despite Ian's warnings. But she is immediately found and caught by Richardson, who believes she is a stow-away. Ian and the Doctor discuss their predicament, realizing what they need is some large, open space in which to fight the Daleks. Ian heads out to retrieve Barbara and Vicki, who has followed her out.

Richardson starts to take Barbara below decks when he is clubbed on the head by Vicki, hiding on the deck above. When the women hear someone else coming, Vicki hides, hitting the newcomer hard just as he reaches Barbara. However, it is Ian she has struck, and he nearly topples down the stairs as he fall unconscious. Vicki and Barbara haul him back to the ship.

Richardson wakes up just as the TARDIS dematerializes. Richardson calls Captain Briggs and tells him confusedly about the stowaways. He believes it is the White Terror, but the Captain dismisses this as only a sailor's superstition. The Captain organizes his men into a search. The Dalek time machine materializes on the ship amid the search, convincing the sailors that the White Terror has indeed come. Many of the men simply jump overboard in their panic. Some attempt to fight, but they can do nothing against the Daleks. Once the sailors are despatched, the Daleks are free to search for the TARDIS, but the time machine is obviously not here.

One sailor, straggling from below decks, emerges and sees the Daleks. One of the creatures tries to question him, but he backs away until he falls in. The Dalek, not seeing the edge of the deck, also falls over. The rest of the Daleks reembark, leaving the ship, the Marie Celeste, to drift empty across the sea.

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Anonymous said...

did you see pushing daisies last night, they had a crossover with wonderfalls, and the muffin buffilow lady showed up

this adds anouther show to my list which is now at 550 and i'm not done updating it yet


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I did indeed! And when I get my mitts on a GOOD computer back at Toobworld Central, I'll write it up.

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