Sunday, November 30, 2008



Last season, 'Psych' did a little product placement throughout the run of episodes for a variety of products. For the most part (no matter where you stand on the topic), they worked well when it came to integration into the show; all save a very clunky exchange of dialogue about Dunkin Donuts.

But I guess Dunkin Donuts was happy with the collaboration as far as it went. But I get the feeling that they never would have agreed to participating in the newest 'Psych' promo. Broadcast after the Christmas special was almost over this past Friday, it showed a box of donuts liberally scattered about a murder scene. Nor would they like the gag-inducing gag when it turns out that it wasn't jelly on the jelly donut that Shawn was eating......

Not the kind of image you want to stick in the minds of your potential customers!

I wonder if this donut company was in any way affiliated with the Happy Time temp agency, as seen in 'Dead Like Me'?

Toby O'B

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