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On this date in 1936, Mrs Wallis Simpson filed for divorce which allowed her to marry King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom. This led to his abdication from the throne.

Here's a quick nugget of information about Mrs. Simpson from Wikipedia:

Wallis, Duchess of Windsor (born Bessie Wallis Warfield, later Spencer, then Simpson; 19 June 1895 or 1896 – 24 April 1986) was an American socialite who married, as her third husband, Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII.

The King's desire to marry a twice-divorced American with two living ex-husbands and a reputation as an opportunist caused a constitutional crisis in the United Kingdom and the Dominions, which ultimately led to the King's abdication in December 1936 to marry "the woman I love". After the abdication, the former king was created Duke of Windsor by his brother George VI.

Edward married Wallis six months later, after which she was formally known as the Duchess of Windsor, without the style "Her Royal Highness".

The love story was the focus of several TV movies as well as a mini-series:
"The Woman I Love" (1972, made-for-TV movie) focused on Edward VIII's love affair with Wallis Simpson. Wallis was portrayed by Faye Dunaway; Richard Chamberlain played Edward.
'Edward & Mrs. Simpson' (1978, seven-part miniseries) was based on Frances Donaldson's 1974 biography, Edward VIII. The focus was on both the romance and the constitutional crisis that triggered the abdication. Cynthia Harris played Wallis (above), and Edward Fox, Edward.

"The Woman He Loved" (1988, made-for-TV movie) starred Jane Seymour as Wallis and Anthony Andrews as Edward.

"Bertie and Elizabeth" (2002, made-for-TV movie) tells the story from the point of view of Edward's brother Bertie, who was to become George VI after the abdication.

"Wallis & Edward" (2005, made-for-TV movie) was billed as the first scripted account of the romance from Wallis Simpson's point of view. Joely Richardson played Wallis, and Steven Campbell Moore, Edward.

Mrs. Simpson does not appear in the "Crown Matrimonial" presentation on the 'Hallmark Hall Of Fame', nor does she travel with her husband in the 'Tales Of The Gold Monkey' episode "God Save The Queen".

I suppose because 'Edward & Mrs. Simpson' was a mini-series, it provided more for the expansion of Toobworld, and thus should be considered the official version of the story for the main TV dimension. (Personally, it's Faye Dunaway in the role whom I remember best.)
Samantha Coughlan (Wallis Simpson) . . . "Days That Shook the World" (2003) {Affairs of the Crown}

Faye Dunaway (Wallis Warfield Simpson) . . . Woman I Love, The (1972)

Cynthia Harris (I) (Wallis Warfield Simpson) . . . "Edward & Mrs. Simpson" (1978)

Joely Richardson (Wallis Simpson) . . . Wallis & Edward (2005)

Amber Sealey (Wallis Simpson) . . . Bertie and Elizabeth (2002)

Jane Seymour (I) (Wallis Simpson) . . . Woman He Loved, The (1988)

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Juanita's Journal said...

I've never seen Faye Dunaway portray Wallis Simpson. For me, the best portrayal came from Cynthia Harris from the 1978 miniseries. To this day, I believe Harris is a hard act to follow.