Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Now here's a TV classic remake that better fits the Toobworld concept: Ed Bernero, who is the executive producer of 'Criminal Minds', will be bringing back a new version of 'Hawaii Five-O'.

The plan is to show the inner workings of the Five-O unit. But there won't be new versions of Steve McGarrett and Dann-O and Wo Fat. Instead, Five-O will be headed by McGarrett's son Chris. So that makes this a true sequel and will be welcomed into Earth Prime-Time.

Bernero promises that he's not trying to reinvent the show. However, the characters, storytelling and pacing will be brought up to date. That thundering theme music will be back as well, but it will probably also go through some revision.

Not sure how old Chris McGarrett will be portrayed, but since the show ended in 1980, it could be that he wasn't born until after the series ended.

But if anybody in the loop is interested in my casting suggestions, I'd go for Casper Van Diem to play Chris McGarrett. He seems to have the same square-jawed, determined poise that his possible "Dad" used to have.

Based on his age, he was obviously born while Steve McGarrett was still on the air. If so, McGarrett had a relationship going that just wasn't shown during the course of the series.

Kind of reminds me of the situation with Amos and Peter Burke of 'Burke's Law'.....

Toby O'B

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