Monday, August 11, 2008


First vacation posting here for Inner Toob, and it's one helluva Zonk!

So, did you see last night's episode of 'Mad Men'? It was entitled "The Benefactor", which came from an episode of 'The Defenders' which also played a part in the show.

Harry Crane sought to get one of the Sterling-Cooper clients to pick up sponsorship of this controversial episode (The word "abortion" was used over 30 times in the hour.) for pennies on the dollar. His plan was not successful, but his determination in chasing down the opportunity brought him to the notice of the agency's boss, Roger Sterling.

Scenes from the episode were seen; EG Marshall as Lawrence Preston was visible and addressed as such by the judge. And of course, the name of the series and the episode were stated. So there's not much we can do to side-step the issue that this could have been some other show. This was, as I said, one helluva Zonk.

This issue and court case within the episode of 'The Defenders' should have been occurring in Toobworld at the same time as this episode of 'Mad Men', in the spring of 1962. They should be sharing the same TV dimension.

I'm willing to entertain any ideas you may have in disabling this Zonk. Because otherwise I think 'Mad Men' might have to be dispatched to some other dimension. This won't be the last time such a Zonk will crop up on the series, and for the most part, I think the classic series invoked on the ad men show should have preeminence in the main Toobworld.

So how can we resolve this?


Toby O'B

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