Saturday, June 21, 2008


I still have at least two more posts to write up about Agatha Christie's episode of 'Doctor Who' for the daily Tiddlywinkydink, but it's also time to move on to the next episode to be shown in America. Although I saw it (and the second half) last week, "Silence In The Library" aired last night on the Sci-Fi Channel.

And there's one puzzle, stirred up outside of the episode, which I'm hoping someone can help me with.......
Several posters, at "Ain't It Cool News" and "TVSquad", mentioned several books to be found in the 'Doctor Who' episode "Silence In The Library" which served as references to past episodes of 'Doctor Who' or to the people who worked on the series.

Both lists were the same, so I'm thinking the TVSquad writer may have found it at AICN. (I apologize if I'm wrong.)

They claim these books were in the episode:

an operating manual for the TARDIS

"Origins Of The Universe" ("Destiny Of The Daleks")

"The French Revolution" ("An Unearthly Child")

"The Journal Of Impossible Things" ("Human Nature"/"The Family Of Blood")

"The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" (author Douglas Adams wrote for 'Doctor Who')

"Everest In The Easy Stages" ("The Creature From The Pit")

"Black Orchid" (a book seen in the same-titled Fifth Doctor serial)

However, I can't figure out where they would have appeared, or how the viewer saw them. I can only figure that they were in the set dressings, but no real attention was given them; that they were more for the cast members' benefit than the audience's. And if so, perhaps the commenters found out about their use from somebody leaking behind-the-scenes gossip. (Sometimes I think that's the only way some of the really trivial stuff from 'Lost' gets found. But then again, "Lostaways" are fanatics.)

Of course, as Dennis Miller used to say, I could be wrong.

If anybody knows out there, where can these titles be actually seen in the episode?

Toby OB

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