Thursday, June 19, 2008


The Stage has announced that actor David Brierley has passed away. He was born in 1935 and appeared in 'Z Cars', 'Arthur Of The Britons', 'The Tripods', and 'Threads'. But it was his involvement in 'Doctor Who' that should guarantee him some level of immortality among viewing audience.

During the 17th season of 'Doctor Who', Brierley took over from John Leeson to be the voice of K-9, the tin dog companion of the Gallifreyan Time Lord, but who is now with Sarah Jane Smith, another former Companion to the Doctor.

This is a recastaway that needs a very simple splainin. David Brierley provided the K-9 voice in four stories:

"Creature from the Pit"
"Nightmare of Eden"
"The Horns on Nimon"

[Thanks to Michael for doing my legwork!]

But John Leeson has been the voice of K-9 before and since. The reasoning could probably be due to some tinkering on the mechanics that govern K-9's vocal chords. It would have been a process which we were not privy to as the audience, and when it was re-adjusted again, again we weren't given the chance to see it happen.

Brierley also provided the voice of K-9 for an episode of 'Blue Peter' in 1979, but that could be the dimension counterpart from Skitlandia.....

Rest in peace, Mr. Brierley......

Toby OB

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