Sunday, October 14, 2007


I'm only just now catching up with 'Odyssey 5', thanks to its return to the airwaves via syndicated, edited repeats on the Sci-Fi Channel. It was on a premium network I don't have, Showtime, when it debuted back in 2002.

I'll hold off until I've seen all twenty or so episodes of the series before figuring out where it all stands in the greater TV Universe - after all, the basic premise would have catastrophic consequences for Toobworld! I get the feeling there was no resolution to the series, but as it's been five years in Toob-time since they were sent back into the past, just two months since the destruction of the Earth, I have to figure the crew of the Odyssey had to be successful in their mission.

Twenty weeks of episodes should give me plenty of time to thunk up some theories that hopefully can tie into other TV shows!

Toby OB

In writing up this short post, I stumbled across
this blog entry from "PurpleSlog", which is the kind of Wish-Craft that I think most Toobworld visitors would enjoy......

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