Thursday, October 18, 2007


Currently I'm watching the first season of 'Psych' during my lunch hours at work, hoping to catalogue all of the pineapple references from them. (And to gain the appropriate frame grabs later.)

The third episode, "Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Piece", also contained deleted scenes. One of these showed Shawn and Gus being chewed out by the Police Chief at the De La Cruz Hotel, and after she left, Shawn pointed out that Bo Diddley was sitting in the lobby.

Bo Diddley never made another appearance in the episode; there was no reason for him to have been there at all. They didn't even get a very good joke out of his presence in the hotel lobby. So excising the scene from the broadcast episode didn't affect the overall story in the least. I suppose as long as they still paid him, Mr. Diddley probably didn't give a bleep.

(It could also be that it wasn't even the real Bo Diddley, but an "incredible simulation" as they used to say in those "Beatlemania" blipverts. We never see his full face, as he keeps his hand over it. And even though the hat seems signature to the classic Bo Diddley look, that could have been whipped up as a wardrobe trick.)

I would have really liked to have included this scene into the main Toobworld, even though it breaks the rule of ever being broadcast, - but! It would mean I'd have to accept the other deleted scenes as well, and some of those conflict with what already was a part of Toobworld. For instance, the scene with Lassiter clashing with the groom's grandmother outside the service leads into his entrance into the wedding chapel. And because of the encounter with the old bat, he and Juliet engage in some dialogue about it. However, in their entrance as seen on TV, Juliet and "Lassie" enter silently; the two scenes can't be meshed.

So the deleted scenes will just have to be selections from this episode of 'Psych' as seen in some alternate TV dimension. As such, it can be added to Bo Diddley's resume for inclusion into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, League of Themselves division - but with an asterisk for belonging to an alternate dimension of the TV Universe.

Here's what Bo Diddley so far has on his set list:

"According to Jim"
- Bo Diddley (2003) TV Episode .... Himself

Big Bird's Birthday or Let Me Eat Cake (1991) (TV) .... Himself

TV commercials for Nike sneakers (1990s)

It's an odd mixture, but distinctive, and that seems appropriate for Ellas Otha McDaniel (his real name).

Here's hoping Bo Diddley is feeling better - he suffered a heart attack back in August and finally returned to his Florida home in September....

Toby OB

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