Thursday, September 6, 2007


Toobworld has lost another character from a show I remember fondly from when I was a kid: Mrs. Livingston, housekeeper for the Corbetts (widower Tom and his son Eddie) on 'The Courtship of Eddie's Father'.

Mrs. Livingston was played by Miyoshi Umeki, Oscar-winner for "Sayonara", who passed away earlier this week. It is one of those situations where I think it's safe to assume that the character does not outlive the actor.

While working for magazine editor Tom Corbett (whom she called "Mr. Eddie's Father"), Mrs. Livingston attended night school so that she might improve her English. (I'm assuming she found the phrase "Mr. Corbett" to be a challenge.) She always looked to Corbett for advice when the customs of the United States confused her.

I'm assuming that Mrs. Livingston was a young war bride brought back to America, but who must have been widowed in the years prior to her employment by Tom Corbett.

Toby OB

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