Saturday, July 14, 2007


Larry David's life in the real world is finally catching up to the one that his televersion lives in Toobworld. After 14 years of marriage, the creator and star of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' will be getting a divorce from Laurie David, his wife of 14 years. They have two daughters, Cazzie and Romy, who have televersions themselves as they appeared with their father in a recent episode of 'Hannah Montana'.

Back on May 13th, I wrote about the discrepancy between the lives Larry David led in Toobworld and in the real world, saying that TV's Larry must have divorced his previous wife and then got remarried to Cheryl David, his wife as played by Cheryl Hines on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'. (I kind of doubt that either Larry or Laurie got the idea for this from reading my blog.....)

A representative for both of them said, "It's completely amicable. They are both really sad but they are great friends and they are still spending a lot of time together at their LA home with their kids."

The other day, during the latest press tour for the upcoming TV season, Larry David joked at the HBO press conference that he might even mine the situation for laughs on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'. He needled Cheryl Hines that her job would then probably be in jeopardy.

But that would be Toobworld, not reality. If he ever did get a divorce from Cheryl on the show, it would be his second as he's already divorced from Laurie. He just never seems to mention her, or see his kids. (He has to sneak out to other shows in order to do that......)

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