Tuesday, July 10, 2007


In last week's review of 'Kyle XY', reader "mickbw" pretty much called it when it came to what would happen this week:

A pretty obvious meet-up between Declan and Jessie is in his future.
Posted at 8:34AM on Jul 7th 2007 by mickbw

And it looks like I was right about MadaCorp being behind Stephen's loss of his job. They swooped right in and offered him an even better one so that they can keep him under surveillance... and their control.

The mystery behind the disappearance of Amanda's charm bracelet caught me off-guard; never even considered that possibility. And I don't think the MadaCorp bigwig (I want to call him Morgan because of the actor's previous role on 'The Dresden Files'.) truly realizes what he now sports on his ring finger!

Definitely 'Kyle XY' is one of my faves for the summer!

Toby OB

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