Thursday, June 28, 2007


I posted this to my email group, the Idiot's Delight Digest:

"Definitely see Ramon, Lawyer Dickstein, and the new owner of the motel asthe 3 Wise Men. And bringing pea soup to the Yost family certainly nailedthat image for me."

Ray picked up on this and gave it a Toobworld twist:

One of the guys mentioned getting it at a pea soup restaurant. I know aboutAndersen's Pea Soup up in Solvang, the Danish town, but are there other peasoup restaurants in California? Or was the writer just overreaching?

It's nice to see some other area in the country get such scrutiny for divergences from the real world besides New York City. But it doesn't matter if there are no other pea soup restaurants outside of Solvang, nor especially in Imperial Beach. Because that's the real world; there is one in Toobworld because that is what was broadcast.

Toby OB

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