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I'm not sure if I've made too many choices for TV shows in which Charlie Pace could still appear in flashbacks, or if I just wrote too much with regards to their splainins. I'll just type away and see how it goes, but I might have to make this into a trilogy for good ol' Charlie!

'Coronation Street', 'EastEnders', 'HollyOaks'
Charlie was from Manchester, so as a Mancunian it would be believable to see him appear in a Corrie flashback to the time before he and his brother Liam hit it big with DriveShaft. Since flashbacks are a stock in trade for soap operas, maybe the regulars at the Queen Vic could trade stories about the time Charlie came into the pub and picked up a few birds after a DriveShaft concert. (Or perhaps he hit on Peg Mitchell herself for a bit o' scandal!) And Dominic Monaghan wouldn't even have to appear on 'HollyOaks'. Instead, his face could adorn a poster over the bed of a student at the community college. (Or better yet, maybe it could be mentioned that he attended classes there before dropping out to dedicate himself to the band.)

'Casualty', 'Holby City', 'Holby City Blues'
The perils of hard partying after a concert could be played out in the emergency room, with the local constabulary called in to file a report.

This is an Australian soap opera, I guess their country's version of 'EastEnders'. It could be that some character on that show knows Charlie's brother Liam, who moved there to straighten out his life. A chance encounter between them might trigger a memory of Charlie from his visit Down Under. (Recently they had a "crossover" with 'Little Britain', so this wouldn't be a new experience.)

There's no word yet on whether there might be another season for this series about a quintet of con men in London. (At least none that I heard about.) But I've read that even without Adrian Lester, the show has been still well-received by the audeinces... when they can find it on the AMC schedule.

Then again, Jaime Murray has now left the cast as well to work on 'Dexter', so that might be a death knell for the program.

At any rate, should it come back, 'Hu$tle' would be a perfect venue for a Charlie flashback. It would look back at his years as a grifter, when there could have been a time when Danny Blue teamed up with the musician on a series of short cons. This would be before Albert Stroller sponsored Danny to join Mickey, Stacey, and Ash in their crew.

'Lost' has always expanded upon trivial nuggets of information provided in earlier episodes - the TV show which Locke was watching in "The Man From Tallahassee", for instance, was the series 'Expose' on which Nikki Fernandez was a guest star. And they built a whole episode around Jack's tattoos (unfortunately).

In the penultimate episode of 'Lost' ("Greatest Hits"), Charlie flashed back to when Liam gave him a family heirloom - the "D-S" ring that once belonged to their grandfather, Dexter Stratton. But what if there was something about that ring which would draw the interest of the Torchwood Institute? ("If it's alien, it's ours" was their motto.)

It could be more of a supernatural connection than an alien one. (Perhaps Dexter Stratton once belonged to a coven?). But even so, we've seen such activity fall under the purview of Torchwood.

I think that's all for now, lads & ladettes. I'll post the rest up this afternoon after me nappies. And for the most part, we'll be looking those shows made in America.

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