Monday, May 21, 2007


I love it when people get Toobworldish when discussing their favorite TV shows, and 'Lost' seems to breed this kind of thinking with all of its mysteries.

Over at Alan Sepinwall's blog, "What's Alan Watching?", "kc" had this observation:

"You know, for your basic deserted island this place supports more rogues, recluses, and renegade factions than an Afghan mountain cave. I suspect the missing russian from 'Pine Barrens' will show up next sipping champagne and eating cavier in a cabin next to Jacob."

"Pine Barrens" was one of the best episodes from 'The Sopranos'. If only Andrew Divoff had played that Russian, then we'd know how Mikhail Bukhanin lost his eye!

Jim Treacher decided to add a 'Happy Days' reference to kc's idea:

"Along with Richie Cunnigham's older brother!"

When I told my buddy Mark that I have a theory about the connection between 'Lost' and 'Doctor Who', he responded:

"I've seen hatches, jungles, polar bear cages and underwater labs. The first time I see a rock quarry - I'll believe it :-)"

Finally, over at FilmFodder's post about the "Greatest Hits" episode of 'Lost' this week, Christine had this to say:

"Do you think the rescue helicopter will be Airwolf?"

Toby OB

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