Tuesday, February 6, 2007


O'bviously I know that there was no way to predict what the weather would be like for Super Bowl weekend when Monday night's episode of 'How I Met Your Mother' was taped weeks ago. However, they could have at least done something to suggest that it was a wintry February day when Barney ran into Emmitt Smith on the streets of New York.

It looked like it may as well have been autumn since Smith was walking around with his jacket unzipped, no layers of clothing underneath, no gloves, no hat. No indication that it was at that point in the teens outside.

So in this respect, Toobworld once again had to diverge from the real world. Apparently the warmer temperatures due to the El Nino effect that had vacated the area a week or so earlier in the Trueniverse still held thrall in the TV Universe.

Either that, or Emmitt Smith keeps warm by dancing, baby, dancing!


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