Thursday, February 8, 2007


It will be happening outside of the realm of Toobworld, but there's word that a splainin will be provided as to why The Doctor's new companion, Martha Jones, looks suspiciously like a girl named Adeola. Adeola worked for the London branch of Torchwood in the two-part season finale of 'Doctor Who' last year.

Unfortunately, she was transformed into a soul-less slave by the Cybermen and was one of the first victims to die in the Canary Wharf battle.

It turns out that in a novel to be published before the third season premieres ("Made Of Steel" by Terrance Dicks), Martha mentions to the Doctor that Adeola was her cousin and that they looked somewhat identical.

Identical cousins. Where have I heard that before?

I wonder if a hot dog will make Martha lose control......?


Thanks to Rob Buckley for the heads-up on that story......

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