Monday, December 18, 2006



It's been awhile since I posted an "O'Bservation". So I figured it was time to do one with a Christmas theme. And the holiday episode of 'Las Vegas' gave me more than a theoretical link to 'Doctor Who' to work with....

1] Add Sam Marquez of the Montecito to the list of TV characters who got the chance to see the real Santa Claus. At the end of the Dec. 15th episode, she saw him flying across the Vegas horizon after the death of one of her favorite "whales".

And because he was so far away, and just a silhouette to be seen, why don't we just accept that had we seen him, he would have looked just like an actor named Charles Durning!

2] Like talk shows, news programs, and game shows, variety programs which are seen by us in the Real World, can also be seen by the people of Toobworld. The characters within those variety shows, however, actually exist in an alternate TV universe, based on comedy sketches.

So when Mike Cannon mentioned Hannukah Harry, he was thinking about the Jon Lovitz character from 'Saturday Night Live'. If he had been in "Skitlandia", Hannukah Harry would be a real person.

3] One of Big Ed's rules for his enforced "Secret Santa" exchange was "No Re-Gifting". As splained in this blog some time ago, this is not a reference to 'Seinfeld'. Re-gifting is a well-known tradition in Toobworld.

4] Although he wasn't actually seen or "heard" in the episode, Stephen Hawking added to his League of Themselves status when Big Ed made arrangements for Mike to speak with the noted astro-physicist in a video link hookup. We saw Mike's side of the conversation, therefore it has to be accepted that Hawking was on the other side.

5] This episode must have had animal rights groups up in arms when Delinda gave Sam a puppy as her Secret Santa gift. First of all, Sam is not really the type of person who's going to care for an animal. If it hadn't been for the death of her client and friend, she may have found a way to cause a fatal accident on the puppy. (Instead, she named it "Reggie" after her friend and warmed up to its companionship.)

It's a Rottweiler, so I wouldn't be surprised if Reggie grew up to become an occasional playuh on the security force for the Montecito!

But the real reason why the animal rights groups will be steamed is because they're trying hard to get the word out that you should never give a pet animal as a Christmas gift. It can be ignored and forgotten in all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. If you want to give a dog or cat as a gift, wait until after the holidays when everything has settled down.

6] Big Ed cut Mike some slack and let him wait until next year to put on a display that incorporates other holidays besides Christmas - like Hannukah and Kwanzaa. If the show lasts for one more season, we'll have to see if the writers and producers remember that detail......


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