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Gather round the "Who-philes" as well as the kiddies, because with today's Christmas cracker, we're linking 'Doctor Who' to 'Las Vegas'.

As Dwight Schrute of 'The Office' said, "It's a Christmas miracle!"

I've stated before that the current production of 'Doctor Who' is taking place in an alternate TV dimension. It has to be, since Russell T. Davies has seen fit to kill of Prime Minister Tony Blair and instead install Harriet Jones as the new PM during 2006.

The Eighth Incarnation of the Doctor, as played by Paul McGann in the 1996 TV movie, was the last time we saw the Time Lord in the main Toobworld.

But that doesn't mean his adventures have not been following the same basic plotline as those being shown in the TV program. And that includes the regenerations. Here in the main Toobworld, the Doctor has gone through two more regenerations, so that he has gone from looking like Paul McGann to resembling actors named Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. We just haven't seen it happen in that version. (To be accurate, we never did see the regeneration from McGann to Eccleston in the alternate dimension either.)

In the main Toobworld version of 'Doctor Who', Tony Blair survived the attempt by "Aliens Of London" to cause "World War Three", and Harriet Jones did not become the Prime Minister.

Those episodes of 'Doctor Who' were shown in 2005, but they took place in 2006. And the 2005 holiday special, "The Christmas Invasion" will take place on Christmas Day of this year. In Toobworld, both the main version as well as in the alternate dimension, the invasion by the Sycorax soon after the regeneration of the Doctor into his tenth incarnation has not yet happened.

But we've already seen how that turns out here in the Real World: the Doctor defeats the leader of the Sycorax in mortal combat for the planet and holds the Sycorax to the rules of the engagement. (Since they lost, they have to leave Earth and never return, making sure to tell the rest of the universe that Earth has a new defender.)

Unbeknownst to the Gallifreyan, however, is that Prime Minister Harriet Jones has a secret weapon. As the spaceship is leaving Earth's orbit, she calls upon the services of the ultra-secret organization called 'Torchwood' to destroy the Sycorax spaceship, even though they were no longer a threat.

As the fragments of the spaceship - and the Sycorax people - re-enter the Earth's atmosphere, they will burn up to rain down from the skies as a fine ash... which many people will mistake for snow.

Now, that will all happen on Christmas in an alternate dimension, as seen on TV. But it will also happen for the Tenth Doctor of the main Toobworld as well. Only in his version, it will be Tony Blair who orders the Torchwood attack on the Sycorax.

And as the world turns in the main Toobworld, that ash will drift westward until late in the afternoon (Pacific time zone) when it will be falling in Las Vegas.

And even though it hasn't happened yet in Toobworld, we have already seen this "Christmas Miracle" of falling snow when the temperature was about 95°F. It happened this past Friday at the end of the 'Las Vegas' episode, "White Christmas".

As to why there was no mention of a spaceship hovering over London during that episode of 'Las Vegas', obviously Big Ed Deline and his employees were all too focused on their own personal problems regarding the holidays. And forget about the gamblers - nothing was ever going to make them look up from the craps tables... except maybe the mirrored bikini tops worn by "Santa's Helpers".

Having taken a taxi to get to work in Times Square during noon-time rush on 9/11, and seeing everybody in the streets going about their lives as if nothing had happened, I can believe that splainin.

And so, even though we only saw the alternate Toobworld version of that Christmas Invasion, it will happen to Earth Prime-Time as well. And all we will be able to see/have seen of it is/was the snowfall of Vegas. Behind the scenes, there is our Toobworld link between 'Doctor Who' and 'Las Vegas'.

Now, some might think it would have been easier just to declare that 'Las Vegas' should be dumped over in the same dimension where 'Doctor Who' is currently being seen.

They are neophytes.

To lose 'Las Vegas' in the skein of Toobworld would also mean that we'd have to move 'Crossing Jordan', 'Heroes', 'Passons', and the American version of 'The Office', which have all been linked in some way to 'Las Vegas'. And I am unwilling to lose so many wonderful shows from the "Great Link".


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Ivan G. said...

As Dwight Schrute of 'The Office' said, "It's a Christmas miracle!"

A line, I should point out, he cribbed from Kim Darby in Better Off Dead (1985), a cult comedy beloved by my sister Kat, who can quote the movie backwards and forwards.