Tuesday, September 5, 2006


When bank teller Pete Waddell took over the bank in Milford, Vt., he was asked several times "Why do you need nine hostages?"

Maybe because he was a Tolkien enthusiast?

I'm wondering if it could have been a case of corporate synergy....

'Three Moons Over Milford' is broadcast on the ABC Family network.

Its parent network, ABC, has one of the new series with the best buzz debuting on October 4th in the sweet spot following 'Lost'. It's a mystery about a group of strangers who are held hostage in a bank for over fifty hours. Over the course of the series we'll slowly learn who these people are and what happened during that ordeal in flashbacks.

The name of the series? 'The Nine'.

Could it be that the repeated references to nine hostages in a bank have been deliberate, in order to instill some kind of subconscious check mark about the upcoming series?

I wouldn't put it past the suits.

Of course, the two shows take place in different TV dimensions, and it has nothing to do with them being on separate networks. I expect 'The Nine' to take its place in the main Toobworld, unless (like 'Prison Break') it ends up mired in some kind of presidential conspiracy.

But 'Three Moons Over Milford' has to be in its own alternate dimension because of the Moon having been splintered.

You know, if 'The Dead Zone' does end soon, maybe we can say that 'Three Moons Over Milford' takes place in its near future.....

(I am not a numb3r. I am a free man!)

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