Saturday, September 16, 2006


Those astronomers who demoted Pluto from being the 9th planet in our solar system weren't done kicking the now-classified dwarf planet when it's down. They've gone so far as to strip it of its name; the former ninth planet is now known as simply 134340.

And that newly discovered dwarf planet, which had a groundswell of support to be named after 'Xena, Warrior Princess', will now be known as Eris.

Believing in the power of names, I'm sure there will be plenty of discord in the outer reaches of the solar system now.....

The odd thing is, those astronomers probably didn't want to sully their krelboyne image with a TV reference. But Eris appeared in two episodes of 'Xena, Warrior Princess'. And now she's pulled an "All About Eve" on the star character!

But getting back to 134340, it'll always be Pluto in my heart. And as I posted a few weeks ago here at the "Inner Toob", it will not only be known as Pluto once again in Toobworld's future, but it will also have its status as a planet restored.


[Thanks to Roger Catlin, TV Eye, for the info.]

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