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From the New York Times:

Pat Corley, the character actor who served sage advice along with drinks as Phil the barkeep on 'Murphy Brown,' died here on Monday. He was 76.

The cause was congestive heart failure, according to his son, the actor-comedian Jerry Corley. He had undergone surgery for the placement of coronary stents.

Pat Corley appeared on 'Murphy Brown,' the CBS show starring Candice Bergen as a television newswoman, from 1988 to 1996. Among his other television roles was a baseball team owner on 'The Bay City Blues' and the coroner Wally Nydorf on 'Hill Street Blues. '

From a Toobworld perspective, it's pozzble, jes' pozzble, that the characters Mr. Corley played on 'Simon & Simon' and 'Magnum P.I.' (Sheriff Brian MacKenzie and Dennis MacKenzie respectively) were twin brothers, as both series were linked by crossovers.

Looking over his TV output, it seems sheriffs and bartenders were his main stocks in trade. I'm not sure if the Bartender he played in the TV Movie "I Want To Live" could be the same as Phil or even a twin brother, but at the very least he could be an identical cousin. And perhaps the Bartender he played in an episode of 'The Waltons' could have been Phil's father.....

"Murphy Brown" .... Phil (1988-1996)
"He's the Mayor" (1986) TV Series .... Chief Walter Padget
"Bay City Blues" (1983) TV Series .... Ray Holtz
Callie & Son (1981) (TV) .... Deputy Sheriff

"Hill Street Blues" .... Chief Coroner Wally Nydorf
- Say It as It Plays (1986)
- Life in the Minors (1983)
- The Belles of St. Marys (1983)
- No Body's Perfect (1982)
- Phantom of the Hill (1982)

Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas (1994) (TV) .... Sheriff Myron Thorpe

"Roots" (1977) (mini) TV Series .... Referee
"A Year in the Life" (1986) (mini) TV Series .... George Bilzarian
"Robert Kennedy & His Times" (1985) (mini) TV Series .... Andy McLaughlin
"Fresno" (1986) (mini) TV Series .... Earl Duke

When Time Expires (1997) (TV) .... TV Car Salesman, Beck's Interface
In Defense of a Married Man (1990) (TV) .... Det. Brendan Bradley
Poker Alice (1987) (TV) .... McCarthy
The Stepford Children (1987) (TV) .... Sheriff Weston
The Christmas Gift (1986) (TV) .... Bud Sawyer
Stark: Mirror Image (1986) (TV) .... Wichita Police Chief Waldron
Silent Witness (1985) (TV) .... Brad Huffman
Stark (1985) (TV) .... Wichita Police Chief Waldron
Stormin' Home (1985) (TV) .... Broker
Scorned and Swindled (1984) (TV) .... Ty Jenkins
Calendar Girl Murders (1984) (TV) .... Tony
I Want to Live (1983) (TV) .... Bartender
Starflight: The Plane That Couldn't Land (1983) (TV) .... Joe Pedowski
The Executioner's Song (1982) (TV) .... Val Conlan
Of Mice and Men (1981) (TV) .... Carlson
The Best Little Girl in the World (1981) (TV)
Mark, I Love You (1980) (TV) .... Bucky Sims
Act of Love (1980) (TV) .... Sgt. Waterson
City in Fear (1980) (TV) .... Supermarket Manager
The Gift (1979) (TV)
The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan (1979) (TV) .... Realtor
Flesh & Blood (1979) (TV)
The Best Place to Be (1979) (TV)
And I Alone Survived (1978) (TV) .... Kaminsky
A Death in Canaan (1978) (TV) .... Judge Vincet
The Night They Took Miss Beautiful (1977) (TV) .... Roman
The Quinns (1977) (TV) .... Eugene Carmody
Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn (1977) (TV)

- It's a Swamp Thing (1997) TV Episode .... Jeb
"Murder One"
- Chapter Four (1995) TV Episode .... Marvin Siegalstein
"Cagney & Lacey"
- A Fair Shake: Part 1 (1988) TV Episode .... Sheriff Craddock
- High Steel (1982) TV Episode .... Tom
"Night Court"
- Another Day in the Life (1988) TV Episode .... Otis Edwards
"J.J. Starbuck"
- Cactus Jack's Last Call (1988) TV Episode .... Cactus Jack
"Mr. Belvedere"
- Commentary (1988) TV Episode .... Mr. Patton
"Simon & Simon"
- Desperately Seeking Dacody (1987) TV Episode .... Sheriff Brian McKenzie
- Still Phil After All These Years (1986) TV Episode .... Don Brighton
- Our Fair City (1984) TV Episode .... Mayor K.K. Drinkman
"L.A. Law"
- Pigmalion (1987) TV Episode .... Uncle Willard Sabrett
"Falcon Crest"
- The Stranger Within (1986) TV Episode .... James Saunders
"Magnum, P.I."
- A Little Bit of Luck...A Little Bit of Grief (1986) TV Episode .... Dennis MacKenzie
"Murder, She Wrote"
- Powder Keg (1986) TV Episode .... Frank Kelso
"Hardcastle and McCormick"
- She Ain't Deep but She Sure Runs Fast (1985) TV Episode .... Buzz Bird
- Gunfight at the So-So Corral (1985) TV Episode .... Frankie Tate/Farley Wrye
"Scarecrow and Mrs. King"
- A Little Sex, a Little Scandal (1985) TV Episode .... Detective Tuggey
"Hawaiian Heat"
- Missing in Hawaii (1984) TV Episode .... Charlie
"Domestic Life"
- Harold at the Bat (1984) TV Episode .... Coach
"The Fall Guy"
- Spaced Out (1983) TV Episode .... Sheriff Baker
"St. Elsewhere"
- Release (1983) TV Episode .... Norman Wyler
"House Calls"
- Ducks of Hazzard (1982) TV Episode
"McClain's Law"
- What Patric Doesn't Know (1982) TV Episode
"Flamingo Road"
- Old Friends (1982) TV Episode
"Hart to Hart"
- The Hartbreak Kid (1981) TV Episode .... Monty
- Siege of 31 August (1981) TV Episode .... Colonel/Sheriff
"Mr. Merlin"
- The Cloning of the Green (1981) TV Episode .... Roy Oakland
"Lou Grant"
- Dogs (1980) TV Episode .... Organizer
- Andrew: Part 2 (1979) TV Episode .... Judge
"Barnaby Jones"
- The Price of Anger (1980) TV Episode .... Sam Powell
- The Wife Beater (1977) TV Episode .... Sid Markham
"The Waltons"
- The Idol (1980) TV Episode .... The Bartender
"The Amazing Spider-Man"
- The Con Caper (1978) TV Episode
"Starsky and Hutch"
- Moonshine (1978) TV Episode .... Ben Meadows
- Numbers (1976) TV Episode
"The Blue Knight"
- Throwaway (????) TV Episode .... The Man
- Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die (1974) TV Episode .... Mr. Miller
"Get Christie Love"
- Highway to Murder (1974) TV Episode

"Hey Arnold!" - On the Lam/Family Man (2002) TV Episode (voice) .... Mr. Camacho


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