Thursday, July 6, 2006


'Kyle XY' has picked up an important lesson from 'Lost', by airing a pseudo-commercial for a fictional company named Mada Corporation. Earlier in the show itself, Kyle clicked on the radio and a commercial was being broadcast about the company.

There's a lot about the Mada Corporation revealed during the fake TV ad that makes it sound almost as if it could be a subsidiary of the Hanso Foundation which is found in 'Lost'.

At the very least, it must be a rival on the NASDAQ Big Board......

"Mada" is "Adam" spelled backwards, and Kyle has no belly button, meaning that he was not born like the rest of us, so there was no need for an umbilical cord.......

As I mentioned above, once viewers have seen this fake blipvert, they will more than likely think of the Hanso Foundation ads during the last series of 'Lost' episodes which tied into the online "game". But there's another series which utilized this type of plotline content disguised as a commercial - 'South Park'. During the episode which introduced us to Mr. Hankey, there was a live-action commercial for a board game about the Christmas Poo that was reminiscent of the old "game of Life" ads.

By the way, the Mada Corporation blipvert gives the URL for a website to visit, "", which may expand on the show's storyline or at the very least just be a marketing ploy to increase awareness of the series.


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