Monday, July 3, 2006


I take it as a sign of how much good TV is out there (even for the summer) that we have a tie for the Crossover Of The Week.

First up are the promo interstitials currently running for the three detective series on USA Network which feature the stars of 'The Dead Zone', 'Monk', and the new offering, 'Psych'.

USA Network had done this sort of thing in the past for 'Monk' and 'The Dead Zone', in which Johnny wanted to show Adrian how his powers worked, but Monk didn't want to be touched by the clairvoyant. But now they've added the main character of 'Psych' into the mix of encounters.

In one of the new ones, Adrian Monk and Johnny Smith of 'The Dead Zone' meet up once again; this time at some kind of convention function. Monk makes sure he gets the first cup of punch out of the bowl, but Johnny is able to prevent him from drinking it once he has a vision of one of the waiters drinking straight out of the punchbowl.

In another, Monk meets Shawn Spencer, the new guy from 'Psych', and they're arguing over which is better, "9" or "10". For Monk, ten would be better for him as it's an even number; it's two fives. Spencer counters with the fact that nine is the sum of three threes, and Monk grimaces over being matched in such stupid logic.

The whole point of that particular promo was to advertise the timeslots for each of their shows, but I'm not really sure which Monk would rather have. However, since they don't mention the behind the scenes technicalities of "Who's On First" and instead keep it limited to an abstract discussion of numbers, the illusion that they are appearing as their characters is not lost.

At any rate, 'Monk' is going to be on first at nine pm Friday nights starting this week to give 'Psych' a strong lead-in on a graveyard night.

But the best of these new interstitials has all three main characters appearing in it. The promo takes place in a diner, where Johnny and Shawn are arguing over who has it tougher when it comes to their respective powers. It would appear that Johnny finally accedes when Shawn pulls out the distant father card.

However, when they both notice Monk in another booth, giving the waitress grief over four extra kernels of corn, they both realize they've got it easier in life with their deductive styles when compared to him.

I don't know yet where 'Psych' is supposed to take place, but I get the feeling it could be somewhere near Los Angeles. And Johnny Smith calls Maine home, but he does travel around the country. So I'm thinking that this promo must occur in a San Francisco diner, and that for whatever reason (maybe a detective convention to tie in that other promo), Shawn and Johnny have come to the City by the Bay.

Because getting Adrian Monk to travel any distance from home is like pulling teeth... and after his encounter with a murderous dentist last season, that's not about to happen again soon!

So that's the first of the two top Crossovers of the Week....


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