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Actress Kasey Rogers passed away this week at the age of 80. An obituary for her online listed her appearance in "Strangers On A Train" directed by Alfred Hitchcock to be her best known work.

But TV Land aficionados know that to be wrong. She will first and foremost be remembered as Louise Tate on 'Bewitched'.

Louise was the wife of Larry Tate, who was the boss of Darrin Stephens. Louise was cynical and not the least bit subservient to her husband. And she was a bit of a drinker. It was never played up in the show but as a cumulative effect from watching episode after episode over years of syndication, even the little kids who were watching would have picked up on that.

And she was even drinking when she was pregnant! But it was different time when that show aired and there was nothing that seemed untoward about being a social drinker.

With the passing of Ms. Rogers, there are now only three main actors left alive from 'Bewitched'. Bernard Fox, who portrayed Dr. Bombay and who is a member of the TV Crossover Hall of Fame; Erin Murphy, who portrayed Tabitha as a little girl; and David Lawrence, who played Adam Stephens, the young son of Darrin and Samantha.

(Technically, we also have to include Diana Murphy and Greg Lawrence, twin siblings of Erin and David, as they also worked as Tabitha and Adam respectively when they were all babies.)

But even though Ms. Rogers is gone, the magic goes on.....

"Bewitched" .... Louise Tate
"Peyton Place" (1964) TV Series .... Julie Anderson (1964-1966)

Swiss Family Robinson: Lost in the Jungle (2000) (TV) (as Casey Rogers Williams)
Lost Flight (1969) (TV) .... Mrs. Peterson

"The Invisible Man"
- Stop When Red Lights Flash (1975) TV Episode
"Marcus Welby, M.D."
- The Last Rip-Off (1974) TV Episode
"Lucas Tanner"
- Echoes (1974) TV Episode .... Miss Cooper
- I See, Said the Blind Man (1971) TV Episode .... Nancy Oaks
- Log 66: The Vandals (1971) TV Episode .... Mrs. Jones
"The Bold Ones: The New Doctors"
- An Absence of Loneliness (1971) TV Episode .... Pam Ellis
"Mission: Impossible"
- Flip Side (1970) TV Episode .... Bunny Cameron
"The Lucy Show"
- Lucy and Phil Harris (1968) TV Episode .... Miss Carroll
- Kill My Love (1962) TV Episode .... Anthea Jason
- Three Queens Full (1961) TV Episode .... Emma
- The Devil's Necklace: Part 2 (1961) TV Episode .... Angel Score
- The Devil's Necklace: Part 1 (1961) TV Episode .... Angel Score
- The Third Rider (1958) TV Episode .... Dolly
"The Brothers Brannagan"
- Mistaken Identity (1961) TV Episode
"The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp"
- Until Proven Guilty (1961) TV Episode
- Bat Masterson Wins His Star (1956) TV Episode .... Nellie Wright
"The Case of the Dangerous Robin"
- The Dead Ringer (1961) TV Episode
"77 Sunset Strip"
- The Space Caper (1961) TV Episode .... Greta Michov
"Hawaiian Eye"
- Made in Japan (1961) TV Episode .... Marilyn
- I Wed Three Wives (1960) TV Episode .... Mavis Hamilton
- Fatal Cruise (1960) TV Episode .... Verna Collins
"Lock Up"
- Girls Wanted (1960) TV Episode .... Laurie
- The Angry Men (1959) TV Episode
"Wanted: Dead or Alive"
- Three for One (1960) TV Episode .... Katie
- The Matchmaker (1959) TV Episode .... Ruby Todd
- Railroaded (1959) TV Episode .... Francie Keene
"Bat Masterson"
- Dakota Showdown (1960) TV Episode .... Francie Wallace
- Masterson's Arcadia Club (1960) TV Episode .... Dixie Mayhew
- Election Day (1959) TV Episode .... Kitty Meadows
"Perry Mason"
- The Case of the Irate Inventor (1960) TV Episode .... Lois Langley
- The Case of the Calendar Girl (1959) TV Episode .... Loretta Harper
"Colt .45"
- Strange Encounter (1960) TV Episode .... Jeannie O'Mara
- Return to El Paso (1959) TV Episode .... Jessica Delgado
- Rare Specimen (1958) TV Episode .... Molly Field
- Calling Dr. King (1960) TV Episode .... Elizabeth Ann Larkin
- Blackwater Swamp (1960) TV Episode .... Myra Crain
- The Imposter (1959) TV Episode .... Secretary
- Shackled (1959) TV Episode .... Maggie Ryan
"M Squad"
- The Dangerous Game (1959) TV Episode .... Helene Victor
"The Restless Gun"
- A Trial for Jenny May (1959) TV Episode .... Jenny May
"The David Niven Show"
- Backtrack (1959) TV Episode .... Carol MacLane
"The Rough Riders"
- Death Sentence (1959) TV Episode .... Lenore
- Every Man a Witness (1958) TV Episode .... Stella
- Matter of Justice (1958) TV Episode .... Mavis
- The Judge (1958) TV Episode
"Yancy Derringer"
- Marble Fingers (1958) TV Episode .... Blackeyed Sue
"Frontier Doctor"
- San Francisco Story (1958) TV Episode (as Laura Elliot) .... Eva Scott, Warren's Wife
"State Trooper"
- Joker's Dead (1958) TV Episode .... Molly Crane
"Alcoa Theatre"
- The Clock Strikes 12 (1958) TV Episode .... Girl
"Richard Diamond, Private Detective"
- The Purple Penguin (1958) TV Episode .... Jane Marquis
"Goodyear Theatre"
- The Tinhorn (1957) TV Episode .... Wilma
- Peter and the Tiger (1957) TV Episode .... Mrs. Harrison
"Sergeant Preston of the Yukon"
- Underground Ambush (1957) TV Episode
"The Millionaire"
- The Nick Cannon Story (1957) TV Episode .... Jane Foley
"The Adventures of Jim Bowie"
- Jim Bowie Comes Home (1956) TV Episode (as Kasey Rodgers) .... Sybil Kane
- Tomas and the Widow (1955) TV Episode (as Laura Elliott) .... Shana
"The Lone Ranger"
- Trigger Finger (1955) TV Episode (as Laura Elliott) .... Mary Mason
"Stage 7"
- Debt of Honor (1955) TV Episode (as Laura Elliot) .... Martha Sturgess
"The Lone Wolf"
- Big Lie Story (????) TV Episode .... Judy

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