Tuesday, July 18, 2006


'Weeds' returns to Showtime on August 14th, and the town of Agrestic, California, will finally get its GPS listing in Toobworld, via the League of Themselves.

Snoop Dogg will be portraying himself in at least one episode. He'll be seen recording a song about the top-selling product from that suburban sprawl of little boxes - marijuana.

This will link 'Weeds' to the following shows in which Snoop Dogg appeared as himself:

'Just Shoot Me'

'Las Vegas'



'The Steve Harvey Show'

'The Bernie Mac Show' might even be included in that list, America, if it turned out that his appearance as "Calvin" (which is his real first name) was supposed to be as his own bad self.

Plus there are a slew of commercials, for everything from cars and satellite radio to cell phone service and internet providers, that extend his list of Toobworld credits.

Even that off the wall Orbit chewing gum blipvert, in which Snoop Dogg ends up in a yente-run Hell, can be considered "canon". It's just a bad dream that Snoop was having.....


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