Saturday, June 17, 2006


During the third season opener for 'Entourage' on HBO, we finally got to meet THE woman in Vince Chase's life.

His Mom.

But during the course of the episode, Vince's brother Johnny "Drama" Chase, kept referring to her as "Mom" as well. And there seemed to be the Smothersly sense of "Mom always liked you best" when Drama talked about her.

Now, I don't have the first two seasons hanging about here at Toobworld Central. Eventually I'll get them on DVD, but in the meantime? I relying on memory and that's running on fumes.

But as I remembered it, - and several websites seem to back me up on this, - Vince and Johnny were half-brothers. The inference being that Johnny was older, by their Dad's first wife, and Vince was their Dad's son by his second wife.

The one trivial bit that I may be mis-remembering is that Vince's mother was of Asian descent, perhaps even Chinese-American. But that could be something I picked up from that episode where he was training to make that soda commercial with director Cha Ching. Or at least thought I heard that at some point.

If that is true, having Mercedes Ruehl portraying Vince's Mom pretty much turns that statement into a Zonk!.......

So let's deal with that first, just in case it was stated at some point during the first two seasons of 'Entourage'.

It could be that it's just a claim to build up the legend of Vince Chase for his adoring fans who eat up all the info they can get on their fave star. You know, like the claims of Rock Hudson being such a manly man during the 50s......

But that could be all that is - just a claim. Vince may have even used it as a way to impress women.

Until the show itself further elaborates, I'll have to just leave it at that.

Now as to Johnny and Vince being half-brothers named Chase and yet having the same Mom.....

Here's a possible splainin to cover that discrepancy: Johnny and Vince do share the same Mom, but she had Johnny by another man. Perhaps she was already married to Mr. Chase; perhaps Drama is the product of an earlier marriage for her; or maybe just from a previous relationship of - *ahem!* - unknown legitimacy. Hey, it was about forty years earlier; times were different back then.

In this way, Vince and Drama can have the same father, as Drama's real father may have dropped out of the picture and thus left the field open for Chase Senior to adopt Johnny. And by having the same biological Mom as Vince, it solves any discrepancy that might have come up from this last episode.

I just don't know how Ms. Ruehl must feel playing "Mom" to somebody who's played by a 41 year old in real life.....

At any rate, here's hoping that one day the writers of 'Entourage' address the situation in the show, so that the "AquaMom Zonk!" can be avoided.

I can't do the work for everybody!


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