Saturday, June 17, 2006


Seven years after the death of his partner in the Real World, the puppet simply known as "Emu" will be making a return to Toobworld, now partnered with his late partner's son.

Toby Hull, son of the late Rod Hull, will join Emu in a 26 episode series for the children's network CITV.

Perhaps the most famous - or infamous - moment in Emu's previous life in Toobworld happened on Michael Parkinson's talk show, when he went ballistic and attacked the host on air. And when he met the "Queen Mum" back in 1972, Emu ate her bouquet.

Rod Hull died in 1999 after falling from the roof of his cottage while adjusting his TV antenna. He and Emu had been working together since the late 1960s in Australia, and then returned to England in 1970 to gain their fame in Television.

Emu was not long out of work after his partner's death, as Toby Hull became his new partner and they began to tour the pantomime circuit.


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