Friday, May 26, 2006


Speaking of international translations, network corporate newspeak has the word "reversion" in its lexicon.

"Reversion" means adapting a TV show to a new translation for an audience in another country, rather than just dubbing the original with new voiceovers.

And so 'According To Jim', which has been more of a revulsion to many TV critics, will be reversioned for a Turkish audience by producer Medyapim for local broadcaster ATV. It will join another ABC alumnus, 'Hope & Faith' which has already been reversioned by Medyapim.

For all I know, Turkish TV has already seen adaptations of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' and 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'. But if not, couldn't they have been reversioned instead of 'According To Jim'? Even accounting for cultural differences, I'm sure the audience could relate to the stories about a TV comedy writer and his family, and stories about a single woman working in TV news.

At least the source of the plotlines would be more interesting than those found in Jim Belushi's sitcom.

This news comes courtesy of "Variety", the trade magazine. In reporting their take on it, the folks at came up with what the title might be for the Turkish 'According To Jim': 'Gore Yakup'.

Gore Yakup...... Sounds more like a belch from a former Vice President......

If the production turns out to be like many other adaptations from Turkey, the show might prove to be more entertaining to us than the original. I've seen their unauthorized adaptations of 'Star Trek' and "Star Wars" and they are so bad, they're hysterical.


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