Thursday, May 25, 2006


While I was in the Washington Post/Michael Ausiello chat re: last night's 'Lost' finale, I got this IM from my brother Bill:

Did you watch the Enron verdicts live?

When Skilling came out with his attorney, after they finished taking questions and were walking away, someone in the crowd can be heard yelling:

"Don't bend over for the soap!"

Gotta love live TV.

It depends on what exactly the subject matter is. As drop-jawed as I am over the finale for 'Lost', I'm amazed even more that over 43 million people tuned in to see 'American Idol' for its bloated two-hour finale.... when all they had to do was watch the last two minutes!

Mindless drones......

But like my brother pointed out, I hope 'The Daily Show' has some fun with this tonight!


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