Friday, May 5, 2006


"THE HANSO BLIPVERT" - sounds like the name of a Ludlum novel.....

If you're like me, with an avid interest in 'Lost' but inherently lazy, you were probably intrigued by that commercial for that aired during the show last night.

And yet you didn't bother to try calling the phone number.

It's probably just as well since the phone banks apparently were swamped with people trying to call through.

You would have had better luck calling overseas to the UK were their number was broadcast about six hours earlier.

The last time I called in a televised phone number was to hear a taped message from Dennis Miller after his first talk show had been yanked off the air.

Before that, it was back in college when we drunkenly, (stonedly?), stupidly tried to call (212)555-1066 during a "Save England" telethon sketch on 'Saturday Night Live'. That's when I first learned about the '555' rule.
I think we caused that phone operator to take early retirement......

Anyway, check out this link:

They've done all the work for you in regards to the phone number. And they've even posted all the info from the accompanying website, including "photostats" of notes and documents.


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Drew said...

i just saw that commercial. got totatlly confused and found this website. damn. this show is nuts.