Thursday, May 4, 2006


I don't often warn of spoilers. Based on the type of topics I usually cover, it seems a moot point that I might be discussing things that have occurred within an episode of a TV show.

But there may be some folks who haven't yet seen Wednesday night's episode of 'Lost'. If so, turn away. Feel free to visit the many fine Toobworld-worthy sites linked to the left.


CK Sample III of may have been the first to notice this trend - in "Two For The Road", although the episode was Ana Lucia-centric (she had the flashbacks; she had the hot island sex), she was also the character who ended up shot in the gut and dead.

The last time a female character had the flashbacks as well as sex with another Lostaway, she also ended up getting shot in the gut and then dying.

(How CK put it: "As we all know from Shannon and Sayid's romance, if you are an unwed female on the island, and you have sex with a man, you're doomed to die in that same episode.")

If Shannon and Ana Lucia represent a pattern, we may have slipped out of Toobworld and into the pocket of the Cineverse where slasher movies exist; only with guns rather than knives.

(This could be why we never saw Mary Ann making sweet love with Gilligan, or Ginger doing the nasty with the Professor. Being married, Lovey Howell was exempt from the curse.)

And based on those match-ups, either the Skipper would turn out to be the Slasher, or they'd have to bring back Vito Scotti yet again to play the part......


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Anonymous said...

You say you didn't wanted to avoid spoilers and yet you title this piece "AnaL Extinction".

Pretty damned obvious if you ask me.

Funny though....