Saturday, April 29, 2006


Tele-Cognizance is the ability of TV characters to recognize the fact that they are living in the Television Universe. If they were in the Real World, their attitudes might be considered... mentally unbalanced.

Probably the leading tele-cognizant in Boston would have to be Alan Shore. He not only knows he's in a TV show, he could probably quote which episode he's currently involved in.

This past Tuesday, Shore was reunited with a former colleague, Chelina Hall, and he immediately lapsed into reverie about their last encounter:

"I think it was a Sunday. Then I was taken off the air; you went off to make movies; then I was switched to Tuesdays."

In response, Chelina added, "And here we are, with old footage."

When last they met, Chelina kissed Alan; so it's pozz'ble he transmitted this power of tele-cognizance to her as a contagion.

To buttress this idea, Alan also kissed his assistant Melissa Hughes a few episodes ago. And what happened? Melissa gave Alan this warning about Chelina:

"Don't fall for her. She's just a guest star."

Denny Crane has exhibited tele-cognizant abilities in the past, but I'm not about to suggest that he ever kissed Alan. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

But if rumors about the direction his character may take before the season ends are true......

It's pozz'ble; it's pozz'ble.


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