Saturday, April 29, 2006


Here we go! Another batch of bits 'n' pieces that make Toobworld hum.

So that means I'm giving you a hummer......?

As we officially learned with his return to 'The West Wing' last week, Sam Seaborn didn't win the California 47th congressional seat in Orange County four years earlier. (But I think we all knew that.)

Sam now lives in Los Angeles where he works for a law firm and is engaged to be married. When Josh Lyman showed up at his law firm to ask Sam to come back to be the deputy chief of staff, we never learned the name of the law firm for which Sam works.

The place didn't have the feel of MacKenzie-Brackman of 'L.A. Law', but there's another established Toobworld firm it could have been. As we'll have confirmed before the season ends, the 'Boston Legal' firm of Crane, Poole, and Schmidt has affiliate offices in the City of Angels. (Roberteh Wagner will play Ashley Goldman, the Hollywood face of the law firm. It's my hunch he's had a much closer relationship with Denny Crane than Denny would ever admit to.)

And even if it turns out Sam doesn't work for them, perhaps his fiancee does. (Wouldn't it be cool if we found out his fiancee is that former call girl who was working to become a lawyer?)
'Love Monkey'
Aimee Mann
Paul Shaffer
The Aimee Mann Band
She Wants Revenge
Si Se

'The Sopranos'
Ben Kingsley
Lauren Bacall
Wilmer Valderrama
And, by the way, that was 'Sopranos' creator David Chase sitting across the aisle from the Italian hit men on the plane back to the old country.
On 'The Sopranos', Chistopher cited the resume of his proposed movie's screenwriter to Sir Ben Kingsley: "Nash Bridges, Hooperman, Law & Order: The SUV"...

This wasn't the first time in which 'Nash Bridges' caused a Zonk!, as I seem to remember 'Veronica Mars' mentioning it on her show.

As for dismantling these explosive contradictions to the integrity of the TV Universe, I'll have to do the usual song and dance - that these titles don't necessarily refer to the same shows we know in the Real World.
Roger Catlin has a great list of his favorite TV shows from India:

Among those, I liked:

“The F Files”
“Karan the Detective”
“Office Office” (A Ricky Gervais clone?)
“Crazy Krishnoppa”
“The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy”

(Maybe Mandy and Billy's friend the Grim Reaper can face off against Kali, the multi-armed goddess of death.)
Jewel performs on 'The Young and the Restless' May 31, celebrating the memory of Cassie Newman, one year after the young girl's death. Nice way to also plug Jewel's new album at the same time.....


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