Saturday, February 11, 2006


The latest issue of "Entertainment Weekly" reports on 'Magnum, P.I.' being optioned for a theatrical movie release. They also made suggestions for the casting, among which they offered:

Matthew McConnaughey as Thomas Magnum
Chi McBride as TC
Ricky Gervais as Higgins

I'd buy that for a dollar!

But on the whole, I hate remakes of TV shows as films. The only reason I tolerate them - because they give me an escape should some TV show mention the original TV show, when both shows should exist in the same universe. (Unfortunately, this doesn't help when it comes to movies that also exist in the TV Universe, like the 1966 "Batman", the "Star Trek" franchise, and "The X-Files: Fight The Future".)

For instance, should a TV show make reference to the characters of the 1960s cornpone comedy 'The Beverly Hillbillies', I could then make the claim that it's a reference to the 1993 movie which was based on their "lives". (The movie featured a cameo by private eye Barnaby Jones appearing as himself.)

But that's only good for TV shows which were broadcast since the movie's release. If the reference is from before the premiere, I'm Zonk!ed.

There's one TV series that made a 'Beverly Hillbillies' reference just this past week, and the movie excuse can't work.

'That 70s Show'.

After hearing Randy's ideas for a romantic Valentine's Day, which included tickets to a monster truck rally, Donna said it was what any girl might desire... if that girl was Granny from 'The Beverly Hillbillies'.

Since the show takes place sometime during the 1970s, two decades before the movie version of "The Beverly Hillbillies".....



"Any schedule without Buddy Ebsen sucks eggs."
George Utley

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