Sunday, October 9, 2005


MTV greenlit a third season of its drama/reality (or “dramality”) hybrid 'Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County'. Dramality.... This sounds like the kind of cross-breeding that leads to horrible diseases like avian flu. But hey.... a spin-off is a spin-off and both shows sounds like the type that might one day crossover with some vacuous comedy on UPN.

'Laguna Beach' is now going to have its own spin-off in much the same way the 'Queer Eye' franchise spun off 'Straight Gal' from 'Straight Guy'. (That led to an implosion in which the show left standing was now just known as 'Queer Eye'.

In this latest example, MTV has tapped a new show about aspiring models, '8th & Ocean', from 'Laguna' creator Liz Gateley. Technically, I think it may end up being more of a crossover than a spin-off. 'Laguna Beach' takes place in California, and '8th & Ocean' will be in Florida. And that's only if the models from the former show up on the latter to kick it off.

In a way, it's reminscent of the situation with '77 Sunset Strip' and 'Surfside Six', only 'Laguna Beach' is about models and '77 Sunset Strip' was actually good TV.


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