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'Threshold' - "Pulse"
October 14, 2005

As the signal from the Big Horn invades a Miami rave, the team investigates who have been infected, trying to prevent the signal from spreading to the population.
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When the rave deejay became infected by the alien sub-harmonics, she used her super-strength to toss her abusive boyfriend out the window, and he landed on the hood of a sporty convertible. I figured him for dead.

But no - he showed up later in Miami Dade Hospital in traction and demanding that they find "the bitch" because she took his credit cards.

Maybe they needed him alive to supply that info so that they could track her down via her purchases with the card.
But then again, maybe they needed him to survive so that the audience - or at least the o'bsessives such as yours truly - wouldn't begin wondering how come the Miami CSI team wasn't showing up to process the crime scene.

I imagine even though he survived, his crash landing and the apartment from which he was tossed would still have merited their attention - at least until the Threshold
project started tossing around "Homeland Security" as an excuse and tossed Horatio Caine and crew out of there.

But I think 'Threshold' is the kind of show that CBS can't possibly cross over with any of their other dramas - for fear of compromising their sense of believability within their own one-hour spheres.

'Cold Case', 'Close To Home', ''Numb3rs', 'The Ghost Whisperer', and the other 'CSI' shows - all of them would be fun to tie into 'Threshold'. But once they open that door to the definite existence of extra-terrestrial life, they can't go back to their visions of "normality" ever again.

(Although I think there might as well be a crossover between 'The Ghost Whisperer' and 'Threshold' since the former does lead into the latter. If you're gonna buy the ghost angle, why not aliens?)

Still and all, we saw the Miami police being held at bay near the beginning of the episode, as they were kept away from the rave site where the alien signal was being used on the party-goers. I would have to imagine that Horatio and Calleigh and the Professor and Mary Ann - sorry! - were being kept out of the loop as well, even though the scene had all the requirements needed for them to do their job. We just never got to see them in any of the frames actually broadcast.

And for alls I know, Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs showed up as well, in full pastel regalia.

Well, a TV Universe guy can dream of more than just alien forests of glass, can't he?


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