Thursday, August 4, 2005


"Television seems to have great power over us."
Walter Cronkite

I don't remember where I found this story, but I would assume it was from the BBC Online........

"Patients are mimicking the illnesses they see in their favourite TV soaps, doctors have said. More than nine out of 10 GPs claimed to have seen patients reporting symptoms based on what they had seen on TV or read in newspapers and magazines.

Two-thirds of the 200 GPs surveyed by Norwich Union Healthcare said medical issues raised in this way were making their patients paranoid. Many said patients had already decided on their diagnosis before being seen."

Does this mean there are people out there who think they have Bendii Syndrome? Suffering from Mendakan pox? (Both from the 'Star Trek' franchise.) Or maybe they think they contracted Thripshaw's Disease. ('Monty Python's Flying Cicus')

God help them if they've got Gidget's Disease! ('Saturday Night Live')

The number one TV Land ailment is amnesia. So I guess those people who think they have that after seeing a show which featured it in a plotline wouldn't even know they had it!


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WordsSayNothing said...

Not enough people watch Star Trek and/or Monty Python for that to happen.

In any case, I think all this means is that way too many people watch way too much TV while taking it way too seriously.