Wednesday, August 3, 2005


According to "Watch With Kristen" at E! Online, Tom Wellig has said that Aquaman will be making an appearance on 'Smallville' next season.

This season, on 'Entourage', Vince Chase has been trying to seal the deal on making a movie in which he would play the comic book hero Aquaman.

Discrepancy? Hardly.

'Entourage' takes place on Earth Prime-Time. 'Smallville' does not. Earth Prime-Time already had its Kal-El, its Clark Kent, its Superman, the strange visitor from another planet.

He protected the Earth from his home base in Metropolis back in the 1950s as seen on 'The Adventures Of Superman'. He died saving two Chicago hoods after they drove into an A-bomb test in the Nevada desert in the early 1960s.

(This can't be proven, of course. But two ordinary humans should never have survived that blast. Add to that the fact that we never saw George Reeves' portrayal of the Man of Steel after 1963 at best.

If Earth Prime-Time is in need of a super-hero now, they can call on just about anybody else... but they can forget about Supes - he's given up the space-ghost.

Should Aquaman ever make a live-action appearance in the main Toobworld, then we'll have to beg a few Vicodin off Dr. House and begin the contortions to splain away a discrepancy then!


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