Sunday, August 21, 2005


Over to the left you'll see a link to the fictional cereal pages of "Topher's Breakfast Castle". I've contributed a few sightings of Toobworld cereals over the last few years - Rainbow Rings, Corny Smacks, the use of a Zoom boxtop for identification.

But the site is a grand celebration of all things dealing with breakfast cereals, and now Topher is publishing a book detailing that rich history:

Milking That Crazy Cow
[A Century of Cereals]

"Milking That Crazy Cow - A Century of Cereals" is a definitive encyclopedia to breakfast cereals. Researched and written by Marty Gitlin and Topher Ellis, this 152 page black and white book features information on over 400 breakfast cereals dating from the late 1800's to 2005. Everything from Addams Family to Yummy Mummy!

Reference your favorite cereals and spokescharacters, check out cereal ingredients, manufacturer, dates of issue, cereal name changes, product variations, fun facts, and the bizarre wit of award-winning Ohio sportswriter Marty Gitlin.

You will also enjoy a very informative foreword by long-time industry insider, and marketing genius, Alan Snedeker.

It's the kind of reference guide that might come in handy for the people who visit this site. I would think fanfictioneers might find it particularly useful.....


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