Sunday, August 21, 2005


'Lost' producer/writer Damon Lindelof on new cast member Michelle Rodriguez:

"We know she was sitting in the tail section of the plane, so we know that there was at least one other survivor of the crash who's been out there leading this sort of Tom Hanks-ian castaway existence by herself.

But I think people are really compelled to see what's been going on with her for the last 45 days. She's had her whole own second show going on, we just weren't watching it. So, when she joins the cast, she has two backstories: (1) everything that happened pre-crash, and (2) everything that happened between the crash and when we meet her.

We're gonna tell that story in one awesome concept episode. I'm not gonna tell you when, but we haven't talked about it with anyone before you, so that'll be pretty kick-ass."

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"She's had her whole own second show going on, we just weren't watching it. "

That's what I've been going on about with all of Toobworld. This is why Khan knew Checkov in "Wrath Of Khan", yet Checkov was never seen in the "Space Seed" episode of 'Star Trek'.

There is more going on in each TV show than what we get to see during one hour of prime time each week......

Sharona's been having her own second show since she left the cast of 'Monk' two seasons ago.

'Now & Again' has left us hanging for over five years with a cliffhanger that cries out for resolution - what has Michael Wiseman/Newman been up to since he went on the run?

How's that relationship between Ross and Rachel been going? Has he left her for the TV version of Angelina yet?

And who knows what adventures Captain Jack Harkness will be getting into before we meet him again in 2007 (as promised by RTD) on 'Doctor Who'?

As for that last one... I, for one, would like to know. So I'm reiterating my wish-craft that John Barrowman be spun off into his own series as Captain Jack!

Hrmmmmm..... maybe he can pick up Bitty Schramm as Sharona to be his companion!


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