Thursday, August 18, 2005


I thought I was the only one who rushed off to the IMDb whenever someone's TV credentials are invoked.

Check out this op-ed piece about that alleged murder suspect in California, who claimed to be a series regular on 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers':

The idea that some sicko might trumpet any possible link to celeb-hood as a defense tactic would make for a great storlyine in a David E. Kelley production. And I'll bet the actual murder - tying the victims to the anchor of a yacht and tossing them overboard alive - will show up not only in 'Law & Order', but on 'CSI: Miami' as well.



WordsSayNothing said...

Looks like the guy was just an extra on the show, not a cast member really.

Brent McKee said...

Didn't CSI: Miami already do a "tie people to an anchor and toss the anchor overboard" bit last season? They killed off the entire crew of a fishing boat (that was smuggling RPG and I don't mean games) that way. Well except for the two guys who got away on a life raft with their buddy who became the main course on the trip. Piracy and cannibalism in one show - gotta love it.

Toby said...

Yeah... and they repeated it just a few weeks ago. But I think that bloating of his acting credits makes for a sick twist.

I wonder if he got the idea from watching that episode? I won't be surprised if he pulls the "TV Made Me Do It" defense.

Piracy, cannibalism.... throw in some "Deliverance"-styled buggery and you've got the makings for the next Rob Zombie film!

Maybe a musical.....