Saturday, July 9, 2005


While doing research on Simon Callow and his portrayals of Charles Dickens for this week's look at a 'Doctor Who' episode, I came across these two entries of his work in the TV Universe.....

'Inspector Morse' - "The Wolvercote Tongue"
Originally aired: Friday December 25, 1987 on ITV1
Writer: Julian Mitchell
Director: Alastair Reid
Story: Colin Dexter
Guest Stars: Simon Callow (Theodore Kemp) , Kenneth Cranham (Cedric Downes) , Roberta Taylor (Sheila Williams) , Robert Arden (Eddie Poindexter) , Christine Norden (Laura Poindexter) , Bill Reimbold (Howard Brown) , Helena Stevens (Shirley Brown) , John Bloomfield (Phil Aldrich) , Mildred Shay (Janet Roscoe) , Jane Bertish (Marion Kemp) , Christine Kavanagh (Lucy Downes) , Cherith Mellor (Fiona Hall) , Nicholas Bell (Dr Swain) , Maureen Morris (Nurse) , Ron Copsey (Waiter) , Teddy Thompson (Waitress) , Colin Dexter (Man behind Morse in The Randolph Hotel) , Sara Coward (Lynn, hotel receptionist) , Iain Ormsby-Knox (Duty Sergeant) , Tim Faulkner (Hotel Manager)

Laura Poindexter, a rich American tourist, dies in the Randolph Hotel, Oxford, apparently from a heart attack, but Morse suspects foul play. Laura was due to return a historic jewel to an Oxford museum, and it has gone missing. Then Dr Kemp, who is a womanizing historian, dies of a fall, Lucy Downes is crushed to death in a telephone box, and Dr Kemp's widow appears to take a fatal overdose of Paracetomol.Morse believes the deaths are all linked.

'Scarecrow and Mrs. King' - "The Times They Are a Changin'"
Originally aired: Monday October 8, 1984 on CBS
Writer: Mark Lisson, Bill Frochlich
Director: William Wiard
Guest Stars: Sky Dumont (Baron Von Eiger) , Simon Callow (Haddy Kemp) , Kevork Malikyan (Ortiz) , Lee Patterson (Matthew Hearns) , Kristina Van Eyck (Inga) , Elma Karlowa (Baroness)

Amanda and Lee must oversee the return of a 1960s radical who is involved with Munich terrorists.

A period of three years in the Toobworld Timeline separate these two episodes. So it doesn't seem too radical an idea that the historian Theodore Kemp might be the twin brother of Haddy Kemp. (I'm not sure if he is the radical of the 60s in the 'Scarecrow & Mrs. King' episode.)

"Haddy" might be a nickname derived from Hadrian, Hayden, Haddon, or perhaps Hedley. As children, maybe they were known as "Teddy and Haddy".

We'll never know if they were related or not, unless Haddy Kemp one day returns in some other spy series and metions a twin, as Dr. Kemp died in that episode of 'Inspector Morse'. But as I've never seen that episode of 'Scarecrow & Mrs. King', I have no idea whether or not he survived either.


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