Thursday, May 26, 2005


Did you ever turn on the TV or just flip through the channels and land on something at precisely the right moment?

I hit upon "Hud" once just in time to hear this bit of dialogue:

"It's a lonely old night."
"Ain't they all?"

Up until then, I had no clue Mellencamp was such a fan of the movie. That's a fave song lyric for me.

Sometimes I turn on the Toob at precisely the wrong moment - like when I got a screen full of Jason Alexander's little tail stub full-screen in "Shallow Hal".

Not good when you're just about to dig into a bowl of cereal.

Well, I had another bit o' synchronicity this morning. Whether it's good or bad depends on whose interpretation.

Flipping around, I landed on 'The Carol Duvall Show' on HGTV.

"I use it on my piece, and it gets a nice deep penetration."


Beavis would have liked that one!


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