Friday, February 25, 2005


After all the hoo-ha over the "art" project erected by Christo in New York's Central Park played out in the news of the Real World, 'The Gates' made its debut in the fictional world of Television.

Ephram and Andy Brown were on a Central Park West rooftop last weekend, overlooking The Gates, which can be seen in the episode.

According to the Daily News, even though the scene on the rooftop was the last good moment for the father and son, it was a fortuitously happy time to be ensconced high above Central Park, just in time to witness the unfurling of more than 7,000 saffron-draped gates in Central Park.

Christo claims they are saffron in color, anyway. I saw them up close and personal. They're orange. Time and again I read or heard somebody describe them as Home Depot and/or a car wash. In fact, I half-expected to see the late Earl Hindman stick his ghostly head partially up over a fence and intone something about Home Depot, like he used do as a voiceover for their commercials.


The subject heading is proof that I'll stoop as low as I can go to get a pun!

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