Tuesday, February 22, 2005


One of the harbingers of Sweeps Month is the sighting of TV show hosts popping up on other TV shows. And when they appear as members of the League of Themselves, then it can be considered a crossover.

For example, Dayna Devon of 'Extra' does a series of features which she calls 'Dayna TV' in which she makes appearances on a wide variety of programs. (Not all of them turn out to be fictional shows.)

This time around, it was a soap opera that was graced by her presence. Ms. Devon was spotted in Corinth, on an episode of 'All My Children'. Of course, later that night, the actual crossover was busted all to hell on 'Extra', when she showed the behind the scenes activities of what happened while she filmed her part.

But left standing on its own, the 'All My Children' appearance builds up her resume for the League of Themselves.

So it was a nice try; we give her runner-up status as Miss Congeniality.


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