Monday, January 10, 2005


We have our first crossover for 2005!

In a new commercial for the new soda, 7-Up Plus, we see Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon at a spa. They are being pampered by well-muscled, quite handsome attendants; all of them with boy-toy potential.

Ms. Davis points out the young man bearing the lunch tray: "Here comes lunch!"

And Ms. Nixon vixenishly responds, "And he's bringing grapes!"

They aren't named as such, but it's obvious that 7-Up would clearly like us as the audience to identify them not as the actresses Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, but as the characters they made famous in 'Sex And The City' - Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes.

And being one so fervent in the idea of the ever-expanding TV Universe, I have no problem with that sentiment.

Ultimately, this means that 'Sex And The City' is linked to 'Space: 1999', as it was Orlando Jones' use of a laser cannon that caused a massive explosion on the moon back in that year during another 7-Up commercial. And that massive explosion detonated the atomic fuel waste dumps which put Commander Koenig into a permanent coma; a coma in which he dreamt that the moon had been ripped from its orbit around Earth and sent hurtling into the unknown reaches of outer space.

(That's a theory I put forth back in 1999 as to why the moon was still visible in later TV shows after the events of 'Space: 1999' supposedly had taken place; indeed, why the moon even had its own amusement park in the year 3000. It's not like the moon finally reversed course and parked in its reserved space.*)

Ms. Nixon and Ms. Davis are not the first alumni of 'Sex And The City' to trade on their most famous TV characters with commercials suggesting that they still exist in the TV Universe. Just before the holidays, Sarah Jessica Parker bopped around in a series of ads for the Gap. And even the New York Times felt that urge to tag her as Carrie Bradshaw rather than as Mrs. Matthew Broderick:

"In Ms. Parker's newest television appearances, a string of holiday advertisements for the Gap now in heavy rotation, time's arrow seems to have shot even further backward. The three spots, which have been running since mid-November, show Ms. Parker giving and getting gifts at Christmas parties where the other guests look as if they have just completed their end-of-semester exams. Did Mr. Big turn out to be too middle-aged? "

All that's left is for Kim Cattrall's Samantha Jones to make an appearance in an ad.

Charlotte and Miranda have done the ad for 7-Up.... Considering her licentious lifestyle, perhaps Samantha can do something with a Coke bottle?

Or maybe she might take her cue from Carrie.

Let's see.......

What's another word for "gap"......?


* If you missed reading the "moon boom" essay years ago (and I'm not sure it can be googled or found in any of those Internet archive sites), I'll be more than happy to send you a copy of it. Just write to me and ask.

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